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podcast_icon.jpgDirections for uploading your podcast.
  1. Be sure your name and period number are in the filename of the saved podcast. (Example: JohnR_pd6_Grimm Podcast.mp3)
  2. Click the Edit button.
  3. Scroll down to your period grouping and click underneath.
  4. Click the File button on the toolbar.
  5. Click Upload Files.
  6. Navigate to your saved podcast and click Open.file:///Volumes/colt1.VOL2/Students/Grade8/MeridethES01/The%20Happening_Merideth_pd7.mp3
  7. Once the file uploads, double click it to add it to the page
  8. Click the Save button on the toolbar.

Mr Mac's Podcast "SEAL"

Period 6

Hunger Games Teacher's Pick
Battle Heroes Teacher's pick

Period 7
The Happening Teacher's Pick
Night Teacher's Pick
Wizard and Witch Teacher's pick
Lightning Thief Teacher's Pick
Soldier X Teacher's Pick

Period 8

Gym Candy Teacher's Pick
Evermore Teacher's Pick
furnace4:fugitives Teacher's pick
Flight Teacher's Pick
if i stay Teacher's Pick


the zombie survival guide Teacher's Pick
lockdownThe invisible man